Trumping With Style

Can we all agree on bipartisanship when it comes to style?

There is much anticipation regarding the fashion trends that will emerge with a new administration. The first lady inevitably becomes a style icon. What she wears makes a statement, sends a message and sets trends. And her designers have the opportunity to go down in history, as their looks are encased in the exhibition “The First Ladies” at the Smithsonian Institution.
Fashion watchers are curious to observe how top designers will be dressing the first lady and the first daughter these next four years.

Melania, a former model, has already demonstrated some serious fashion dedication. Her style credentials are accomplished: a perfect blowout combined with rigid tailoring and complementing colors.

And Ivanka has secured a strong position in the fashion industry herself. She has built her brand on a platform that champions working women. Ivanka’s image is easy chic and includes a high-level approach to coordination.

Designer fashions can inspire you whether they are applicable to your lifestyle or not. And remember: everything can — and probably should — be tailored if you want to put your best look forward.

The first lady appears to be a fan of Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors as well as couture designers. The first daughter has been seen in Carolina Herrera and often showcases her eponymous brand.

Allyson Burkhardt owns Let’s Get Dressed, DC! image and style services. Reach her at [email protected].

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