Style Resolutions for 2019

Whether it is time to get it together, turn it up or start fresh, here are our resolutions to move through the year in style.

DO Try new silhouettes.

Why not not push the boundaries in 2019? Color, texture and pattern have as much impact as shape. Experiment with longer lengths, wider legs and shorter tops for chic, effortless style.

DO Play with prints.

Get out of monochromatic simplicity and take a risk.You can choose from an array of florals, stripes or animal prints. By investing in a few signature pieces, you will instantly enliven your look.

DON’T Be shy.

Bold use of color is the perfect place to dare. Stave off the winter blues by perking up your outerwear. Revamp your accessories collection and layer in bright pieces. Eventually, you will venture toward a head-to-toe look.

Allyson Burkhardt is the founder of Let’s Get Dressed! Image & Style Services. For details, visit

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