Buttons & Links

Button styles and size variations use for all buttons. Add the classes under each button for different types and styles.
Button Main
Button Main Rounded
.f-btn-main .f-round-corners
Button Main Pill
.f-btn-main .f-pill
Button Alt
Button Alt Rounded
.f-btn-alt .f-round-corners
Button Alt Pill
.f-btn-alt .f-pill
Button Outline
.f-btn-main .f-btn-main-outline
Button Pill
.f-btn-main .f-btn-main-outline .f-pill
Outline Rounded
.f-btn-main .f-btn-main-outline .f-round-corners
Outline Light
Button Light
Button Light Rounded
.f-btn-light .f-round-corners
Button Light Pill
.f-btn-light .f-pill

Button Sizes

Button XSmall
Button Small
Button Large
Button XLarge
Button Full Width
.f-btn-main & .f-btn-full


Link Sizes

crossmenuchevron-right linkedin facebook pinterest youtube rss twitter instagram facebook-blank rss-blank linkedin-blank pinterest youtube twitter instagram